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Car accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians are often the most catastrophic of motor vehicle accidents. Rather than vehicle impacting vehicle, the injuries show the effects one would expect; severe injuries are the norm. Too often, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents result in the wrongful death of the bicyclist or pedestrian.

As an avid cyclist, I understand the physical, emotional and financial turmoil of my clients. Whether you suffered a serious injury in a cycle accident or a loved one died in a pedestrian accident, we are here to help you move past the accident. Contact me to discuss your case.

Colorado is a bicycle friendly state with bicycle lanes on nearly every street. However, accidents occur due to the negligence of drivers on the road.

Our Denver Accident Lawyer Handles Injury Claims Involving:

Our personal injury law firm understands the amount of physical recovery that is often necessary for pedestrian injury victims. Considerable medical treatment, extended hospital stays, outpatient physical therapy and significant time away from work are often necessary to fully rehabilitate. In addition, for accident victims who suffer a catastrophic injury, such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury, future care needs may need to be covered by any settlement. Our bicycle accident attorney pursues maximum compensation to alleviate the financial impact of these needs.

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